Education Reform

As a board member and Chairman of an IB Charter School for six years, I’ve tackled education reform head on. Through accountability of students, teachers, management and parents we became top performers, graduation rates soared and college acceptance rates improved. For too long the education system has protected underperforming teachers, accepted a status-quo attitude, and refused to challenge powerful unions who resist modernizing reforms. As your Assemblyman, I will work to make sure education funding ends up in the classroom, not in the administration, and that we promote charter schools and school choice so that the focus is on quality of education, not bureaucracy and special interests.

Energy and the Environment

Democrats and now Republicans like Chad Mayes have long used the environment to raise taxes and create new regulations that hurt the working-class, small business, and families. These tax dollars are not used to improve our environment, they are used to fund boondoggles like Governor Brown’s “Bullet Train to Nowhere,” which was supposed to cost taxpayers $6.4 billion and now projected to cost more than $10 billion. As owner of a natural gas supply company, I have worked in the energy sector and understand what it takes to get cheap, reliable energy to consumers while protecting our environment. It doesn’t take more taxes it requires market incentives that help private companies develop energy alternatives that make sense for consumers.

Healthcare Reform

Sacramento liberals have proposed a government-run healthcare system that will cost taxpayers more than $200 billion per year – that’s more than California’s entire annual budget. Healthcare is important for every Californian regardless of age or economic status and we need to ensure that every Californian has access to affordable care. Rather than a government-run program, we should reform the system so that we eliminate the barriers to competition that lowers costs. As Assemblyman, I will reduce the cost of healthcare by allowing individuals and businesses to deduct the cost of healthcare coverage from their state taxes.

Jobs and the Economy

California has the sixth largest economy in the world. We are the leading agricultural state, leading manufacturing state, drive the world’s innovation in technology and life sciences, home to the entertainment industry, and the leading creator of small businesses in the U.S. Our industries create millions of jobs and billions in revenue yet California politicians continue to raise taxes and create more regulations that choke these businesses to death, forcing many of them to leave for more business-friendly states. I’m tired of the exodus of job-creators to Texas, Nevada, and other states, and will work to reform the way our government treats them so they remain here to create more jobs for Californians.

Public Safety

Law enforcement in California is under attack from all sides. Governor Brown and the Democrats continue to push legislation that releases violent criminals early, decriminalizes the possession of drugs, and makes it harder for law enforcement to do their job. Predictably, the result is rising crime rates as there are more break-ins, robberies, and violent crimes. Now the State has adopted “sanctuary state” status making it even harder for law enforcement to combat drug cartels, sex trafficking, and child prostitution. Rather than doing their most important job – keeping Californians safe – they are bending their knee to political correctness. As your Assemblyman, I will never forget it is my job to protect law-abiding citizens and put criminals in jail.

Second Amendment

Our freedoms are under attack and the top target is the Second Amendment. The fact is, stricter gun laws do not stop criminals from acquiring weapons. I am not aware in the history of gang activity in San Jacinto where the member legally acquired a firearm. Tighter regulations don’t limit criminals’ access to guns – they disarm the law-abiding citizens who have the right to defend themselves from these criminals. In the recent Texas church shooting, an armed citizen assisted in deterring the shooter from killing others and saving lives. I support the Second Amendment, support open carry, and conceal and carry. Currently I am pursuing efforts to assist the Sheriff in reducing the backlog of CCW permit applications due to budget shortfalls. 

Taxes and Spending

California is the highest taxed state in America. Even with that distinction, Governor Brown broke his word to Californians when he ran in 2014 when he promised to never increase taxes without a vote of the people, yet he raised the gas tax 12 cents per gallon and the vehicle license fee. Then he pushed through his “Cap & Trade” tax with the help of our Republican Assemblyman, Chad Mayes. Which is why I’m running – to Repeal and Replace Chad Mayes. I’ve signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is my commitment to oppose any and all tax increases. Californian is not taxed too little – it spends too much – and as your Assemblyman, I will oppose new spending and fight to reduce taxes.

Transportation, Roads, and Infrastructure

As a regional leader on transportation, I’ve worked to improve our roads and infrastructure while supporting common sense transit options that serve our communities and protect taxpayers. I’ve served as Chairman of the Board of the Southern California Regional Rail Authority Metrolink, Director on the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and as past Chairman of the Riverside Transit Authority (RTA). The transportation corridors, roads and infrastructure in California are the backbone of our economy, education, and quality of life. Governor and Democrats have allowed that infrastructure to crumble while diverting badly needed funds to the “Bullet Train to Nowhere,” which is expected to be $4 billion over budget. As your Assemblyman I have the experience to balance the budget and fund our transportation needs without more taxes.

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