Desert Sun: Kotyuk an Anti-Sanctuary Leader

The Desert Sun, in their primary voter guide, highlights the choice for voters on June 5th between Assembly Chad Mayes, the deciding vote on Governor Brown's Cap & Trade Gas Tax, and Andrew Kotyuk, who is leading the anti-sanctuary movement.

Says the Desert Sun, "Kotyuk has been leading an anti-sanctuary site movement throughout the Inland Empire."  Meanwhile the paper points out that Chad Mayes was forced to step down as Republican Assembly Leader for his role in helping Governor Brown push through liberal policies (including Cap & Trade Gas Tax).

"Chad Mayes was not only the deciding vote for the Cap & Trade Gas Tax, he convinced 6 other Republicans to join him - as their elected leader - in support of a tax as much as 73 cents a gallon," said Andrew Kotyuk, a small businessman, veteran, and former Mayor of San Jacinto.

Kotyuk is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Carl DeMaio, author of the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative.

On June 5th, vote for the conservative you can trust - Andrew Kotyuk.


Jason Roe