Valley Chronicle: San Jacinto Mayor talks city improvement with students

San Jacinto Valley Academy eighth graders put San Jacinto Mayor Andrew Kotyuk on the spot last Thursday when the head of the City Council came to help students write business letters.

"Originally, I came simply at the request of teacher Scott Connor," Kotyuk said. "But for me it was also about engaging with the students. That is a big piece of what we need to work on as a council, to be able to work with the youth in the community."

The eighth grade U.S. History students at SJVA were writing letters to elected city officials regarding the problems they saw in their community and their school.

"I put together a project that encompassed the standards of writing a business letter along with the real world application of actually sending the letter to the mayor of our city," Connor said.

Connor began the brainstorming process with his students, but he said he wanted Kotyuk to come in and aid his students in building on ways to improve the city.

"I wanted them to understand the seriousness of this assignment, that the council members would actually read them," Connor said.

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Mike Foster